We at J.E.S. Decor supply best quality furniture of different styles. We also make bespoke furniture for the home to suite our client satisfaction. What makes us different? It’s simple; Rather than following trends or ‘this season’s look’, we opt for timeless and authentic design that will last through the ages. We only supply furniture that can be treasured forever; genuine future‐proof classics with an iconic enduring style. We give not only exquisite furniture at affordable prices but also the comfort and satisfaction of our client is highly valued. We are known for our commitment to high, quality, innovative, durable and modern home furniture with a year guarantee inclusive. J.E.S. Décor is your one stop for home furniture and interior decoration items.


Offices can be very tiring, but a well‐organized, functional and comfortable office can help lighten your workload. That is why J.E.S. Decor supplies the best quality imported furniture and also makes bespoke furniture for her clients’ offices to suit their desires. Ergonomic Executive tables and chairs, File cabinets, Office cupboards, Bookshelves, Conference tables and chairs, Computer desk, Workstations, Window blinds and lots more are available on request. Our state of the art furniture, helps you speed up work, increase work productivity and provides long term health.


Whatever your dream kitchen looks like, we have you covered. We offer a selection of premium cabinets in different colors and finishes, also contemporary appliances and complementary accessories to make your kitchen truly yours. Our price guarantees you’re getting the best deal around. We deliver the finest look for your kitchen and kitchenette with an immaculate finish.


Understanding your lifestyle and storage needs will help us create a luxurious and functional wardrobe for you. Our modern walk-in closets and wardrobes give a statement of elegance for bedrooms and dressing rooms. J.E.S. Decor creates your very own customized wardrobe to meet your requirement and desired unique look.


When the sun is shining you have a choice to make – do you let the light in, or do you keep it out? Whichever decision you make, JES Decor has a wide selection of curtains and blinds that do the job, look great, and don’t cost the earth. With hundreds of fabulous colours and designs in both traditional and contemporary styles, we have something to suit all tastes and compliment any type of interior décor. All our blinds and curtains are made to measure and fully customizable for the perfect look and fit.


Bathroom vanity sink units have grown in popularity over the last few years as people seek to hide their toiletries and achieve a minimalist style. We offer a fully bespoke service on all our bathroom furniture ranges so if there is a size or colour you need, let us know and we will do it for you. Imported bathroom vanities are also available on request.


To create a beautiful new look while refurbishing or remodeling your space, J.E.S. Decor has a wide range of decorative pieces and accessories to make your building ideal and cozy. Our 3D wall coverings, wallpaper, flower pots and flowers, wall decorative pieces, mirrors, throw pillows, faux fur, and so on will do just the job.


Making the most of your existing space is our specialty. Partitioning can provide extra space and change your space layout. Our partitions are available in different finishes, colors and styles with no limits. We adequately utilize your existing space and create a whole new organized look. We will help you consider various performance criteria such as soundproofing, tinting and others in selecting the right solution for your space.


Moving into a new home, office space or building? Let us help. Our décor experts will guide you and help supervise your décor projects. They’ll manage your budget and ensure your projects are completed as scheduled. Do you want some more décor inspiration or expert advice? Call or visit us today.


J.E.S. Decor organizes essential fundamental and professional training courses to develop and enhance your knowledge in interior decoration.