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Jemior Enterprise Services

Jemior Enterprise Services (J.E.S. Décor) a fast growing company has set out to be a leading furniture and interior decoration firm.
Through her continual innovation and commitment to quality, she has continually extended her reach to various parts of Nigeria.


Office Furniture 10

Home and Office Furniture

Our durable and exquisite Home and Office furniture will fulfil your dreams. We make customized furniture; bespoke (made in Nigeria) and also supply imported furniture of the best quality.
Space Planning and Partitioning

Space Planning and Partitioning

Making the most of your space is our specialty. We’ll help you to create a whole new functional and organized look.
Kitchen 2

Kitchen and Bathroom Vanities

Worried about dampness, mold or musty smell, we’ve got you covered. Our water resistant panels that come in various colours and finishes will avert them.
Interior Decoration Training

Interior Design Consultation and Training

Do you want more decor inspiration or expert advice? Call or visit us today.
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